Our Email Signature Plans Pricing

All types of businesses need access to powerful and easy-to-use tools, like our email signature generator with templates. With us, it's really fast and easy to pick a perfect plan that perfectly fits your team. If not, requests a custom plan and get an offer with a special price. So, finish your task today, with electronic signatures, and get a boost to your undiscovered marketing channel now.

One signature
$ 3/mo

$36 billed yearly

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3 Signatures
$ 6/mo

$72 billed yearly

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5 Signatures

$108 billed yearly

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10 Signatures
$ 15/mo

$180 billed yearly

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Need more email signatures in your plan?

If you have a big team, then we have a great price for you.
Add more Signatures to Plan for only $12, per signature, per year.

Frequently asked questions

Let us answer to you the most common questions you might have. Here a short tips about choosing the right subscription plan.

What currency are your prices in?

They’re in US dollars.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Of course, but keep in mind that as soon as you got a refund, or close your account all of your created email signatures will be immediately suspended and will not work anymore.

How does the service subscription work?

The paid subscription for our service is based on the selected plan billing period of payments, and amount of slots that can be occupied with the unique email signatures with templates and stored in Dashboard at the same time.

Are there any contracts, hidden charges or setup fees?

We have no contracts, no hidden charges, and no setup fees. You always can switch your plan or cancel your subscription at any time. If you have additional questions always feel free to contact us.

What happens if I cancel my subscription or it expires?

Your HTML email signatures created with Mail Ink will work until you have a valid subscription. it means, all your electronic signatures will stop working when your subscription expires or when you cancel your account.

Can I create free email signature?

Yes! You can use our signature generator for free! You can create one free email signature with some limitations in the Fields and Style sections in the signature generator. But we would recommend choosing one of the given plans to receive all power of the our service and dashboard management possibilities.

Do Mail Ink support NGOs, Universities, and other Startups with special prices?

We always glad to help any non-profit organization or fresh services like us. We give special offers to education organizations and start-ups. Please contact us by this form.

Which email signature plan should I choose?

Easy to choose, here a few tricks. Each of our plans is based on the limitation of the number of email signatures that can be created, stored, edited, and installed at the same time. So every signature will occupy one of the given plan slots. We recommend buying a plan that covers all the current amount of your co-workers or employees + few slots for the future. For fast-growing companies, we recommend not only select a bigger plan which allows you to have additional slots for the fast creation of new ones. But select a quarterly billed plan, and save your money now, not paying for empty slots and change the number of slots with a new plan when it already needs. So you may save a few buck.

What benefits I get from subscription.

First of all, you get no limited fields (premium features) in the email signature generator, of course, prioritize personal support, all power of dashboard management features that helps to control all signatures when it a lot, instant access to all new features.

What is the difference between annual and quarterly subscription plans?

We offer you a set of plans that allow you flexibly choose the period of payments that fits you the best. In other words, if you select an annual subscription plan you can save up to 40% of your money, but if your team is growing fast and you think that you may exhaust all of the given slots for email signature way faster than one year than you better to choose a quarterly plan. This will cost a little bit more but you will always have an exact number of slots for your team and by that, you can save your money. Good management always saves money.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay) and PayPal.

How can I cancel my signature generator subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time from the email that you receive after payment, in your account, or simply contact us anytime.

Does Mail Ink support affiliates and resellers?

Yes. Just contact us by this form.