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Many customizations, color branding, and fine-tuning may be done in the Mail Ink electronic signature generator. Best templates from our practice that cover all needs of the stunning look of your info. We create it, especially for the most demanding clients.

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This is the most complex task of variety, but the Mail Ink team tries to create the best online signature generator. We are on our way to electronic signature will look fantastic, on all devices, in all email clients. Imagine there's no difference in signature look between mail clients.

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No more programming skills needed to create an personalized signature for free. Just use Mail Ink generator with given professional-looking templates and all difficult parts of creation are entrusted to us. So anyone can improve the look of their emails in a few minutes.

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Using Mail Ink online generator means never worrying about programming complexities of creation or cross-platform compatibility. Our free email signature generator with professional-looking templates exists and grows to make your life easier and your business more efficient, let your client never lose contact with you.


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Be a representative, let your clients to see who is behind the text, not a machine but the real person.

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Let your client never lose contact with you. Be connected with your clients and facilitate further contact with you. In the way that they prefer.


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We specially optimize our html code so it's displayed in the most proper way. In each email client that you may use. It provides the best user experience that you may expect from a such fast and simple tool.

Gmail client

Email signature for Gmail

Create your perfect brand styled email signature for the best experience that you may gain from using it with your Gmail client. Mail Ink signature generator provides with its flexible styles and easy customizations. Allows you to fill every email of yours with maximum useful information for your clients.

Outlook client

Email signature for Outlook

Mail Ink provides professional-looking templates with strict html code limits dictated by Outlook. It allows creating for easy representative looking email signatures that display right. And our Dashboard ideal for big team usage, as Outlook is the most commonly used email client in the corporate segment.

Apple client

Email signature for Apple mail

Be on the edge of technologies, use Mail Ink generator! We support High DPI displays for all images in them. Your company logo or personal photo will look great. Even small social icons will look sharp with us. So whoever sees your email through a high-end resolution screen will see you sharp and clear.

Apple client

Email signature for iPhone

We are living in a fast-moving world. Every day a bigger and bigger part of our day is spent on foot, in the car, way far from office, with the only iPhone in hand. Our creator allows you to add social icons with any combination of 16M colors. It's perfect to fit your company branding and stay connected through any social network that your client may use.


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We all expect our business to run great and make a good profit. But no business exists without communication. With the Mail Ink tool, you may achieve significant growth of clicks, social media impact, replies and that most important - a growing amount of leads.




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Your signature is one little part of every your email. But it's like a bottle of a strong love potion. Here is an extract of very important information about you and what you do. And a small portion of it can bring you a good profit. Just stop wasting your time trying to find the best one, you are in the right place. With a Mail Ink signature generator, is easy to build from scratch even the most complex signature. Just select a template that you like the most. Customize it to fit your brand colors, here is easy to add a company logo or your personal photo, also to empower your marketing channel with promotional banners, and don't forget to give your clients sharp-looking social icons with links to your social networks and all it in one place. With all of it, your client will never lose contact with you. What if we talking about the companies? Let just think about what may happen if every employee of a given company will have such an email signature. We believe this is the most simple and obvious most effective way to boost your in the first place: marketing channel that may still be uncovered with a representative professional-looking HTML email signature, or you maybe try and suffered from the way how to manage of all your signatures, it's also easy to do through our dashboard, regardless of how big your team is. Just start work with us right now, from the creation the first free email signature.

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