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Free Email Signature Generator with Templates

Want to improve your email communication with your client or make every employee be part of the representation of your company brand? We especially simplify all processes of creating an free HTML email signature, there is no need for programming skills any person can make it beautiful. Start from select one of the given professional look template that matches you the most, and start to fill it with special fields of email signature like your Name and Title, Company, and Department. Don't forget to fill maximum possible contact ways with you for your client that will see this information in every your email. Don't forget to use all power of your brand logo, this is the best way to follow company branding or add a personal photo for maximal personalization, give your client the knowledge that there is a real person writing to them, not a machine. Also, a great plus that we can use banners, and not just static one, also can add GIF animated one that may be created with services like Canva, try it. Our fast world, all-time on foot or in the car, way far from home and offices especially persons that control business and key make decisions, this new world dictates new rules which we need to understand and accept to make our own success. Easy to deal with it with social icons, add your social networks links to be in touch trough it, maybe your cool Facebook page or video/photo collages in Instagram account helps you to get a new lead, or it will be a network for professionals like LinkedIn or even Twitter, why not, and these ones only the tip of an iceberg of variety of social networks that use for work and running lots of businesses in the world. So what can be else from this already cool story? Easy to use our generator, professional-looking templates onboard, fast to install through our installation guide, it's true, install in any of email client in few steps. Logos, photos, animated banners, 100+ social icons that may be customized in any combination of 16M colors to fit your brand color exactly. I tell you what - signature management. Our dashboard simplifies control of signatures even for one person, because now in Gmail and Outlook you may use a variety of different that you may add to your account. So we think no word need for benefits from a handy dashboard for a big team and lots of employees, we start to talk about management that uses even for personal usage - keep electronic signature update, add tracking links to your banners, make campaigns, you even can make AB testing with our signature, easy to send to an employee and easy to install, all of this in our dashboard.